City of Marietta accepting applications for small-business grant program

If you own a small business and are looking to move to Marietta, GA or expand your existing small business in an area of the city that is undergoing redevelopment, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Marietta Growth Fund as part of a small-business grant program. Marietta’s Economic Development Division is accepting applications for the small-business grant program, and the deadline to submit is September 15.

Businesses must be located within the city limits of Marietta to receive the funding, Marietta economic development manager Beth Sessoms said. “The grant program is geared toward job creation for low- to moderate-income individuals.” Businesses must pay salaries higher than the minimum wage to be eligible to receive funding, she said.

Business owners need to have an investment of their own in the program, Sessoms said. “We provide a gap financing tool for businesses through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

About the Marietta Growth Fund

The Marietta Growth Fund provides assistance to qualified Marietta businesses by supplementing traditional commercial loans or other financial resources with additional funds for new business or expansion.

The Fund provides a mechanism to “close the deal” when traditional commercial loans and other financial resources are insufficient to capitalize the business. The Fund encourages business revitalization and employment opportunities for low-to-moderate income individuals who live in the city limits of Marietta.

Read the Marietta Growth Fund Brochure here.

Marietta’s dedication to redevelopment in the city is a goal City Council established as part of its vision statement.

For more information, e-mail Marietta’s Economic Development manager Beth Sessoms at

— Source: City of Marietta, GA – Aug. 26, 2010.